Pittsburgh Pathways

Pittsburgh Pathways is a program of study to prepare non-native English-speaking students to attend a degree program at Chatham University or another university.

Pittsburgh Pathways offers:

  • guaranteed admission to a degree program at Chatham
  • a combination of ESL courses and academic courses
  • up to 36 academic credits towards an undergraduate degree at Chatham or another college or university
  • a living and learning experience on two beautiful and safe college campuses
  • social and cultural activities inside and outside the program

Students enroll in Pittsburgh Pathways for two or three terms, depending on their language level.

Cost Per Term

  • Tuition: $12,500
  • Room: $2,835-$3,130
  • Meal plan: $2,835-3130

Admission Process

Students applying to the Pittsburgh Pathways must submit a complete application to the Office of Admission. This includes:

  • Completed online application for admission
  • Admissions essay
  • All official secondary and postsecondary transcripts, mark sheets, or records
  • Official test scores: 61 TOEFL iBT or 5.5 IELTS
  • One letter of recommendation
  • Copy of passport photo page (with identification information)
  • Copy of immigration documents (if currently living in the United States)
  • Proof of financial support (official bank statement, signed bank letter, or financial guarantee indicating enough funds to cover the first year of education at Chatham).

Once a complete application is received, it will be reviewed for admission to the Pathways Program and for conditional admission into the Chatham degree program. Students who are accepted into the Pathways Program will have conditional acceptance into the degree program, pending successful completion of the Pittsburgh Pathways. Students whose language score does not meet the minimum will study in the English Language Program before beginning the Pathways program.

Admission Info for International Students

Photo of two young women in graduate caps and gowns, posing for the camera

Inside the Classroom

In the classroom, students take a combination of ESL and academic courses. ESL courses develop your academic English skills, such as listening to lectures, giving presentations, and writing research papers. Students take 2-4 ESL courses per term as advised, in subjects such as U.S. culture; Pittsburgh culture; and academic composition, reading, research, and communication. 100-level ESL courses count toward their undergraduate degree at Chatham. Tutoring and other academic support are available to help you succeed in your courses.

Photo of a group of Chatham University international students posing together with smiles

Outside the Classroom

Outside of the classroom, when you're not studying, there's no shortage of activities to let you enjoy time with friends, relax, and explore new interests.

  • games, such as ping-pong, bowling, and billiards
  • health and athletic activities, such as hiking, biking, and yoga
  • social and cultural events, such as conversations with American students and holiday parties
There's also a regular shuttle that will take you shopping, to the movies, to restaurants, and more.