Chatham University

Gateway Adult Students

Gateway Adult Students

For first-year students 23 years of age or older...

  • whose education was delayed or postponed
  • who want to reenter the workforce, or
  • who wish to advance her current career?

There are several unique advantages to being a Gateway student:

  • Through prior learning assessment, Gateway students have the opportunity to gain academic credit for knowledge gained through employment, job training, volunteer and civic activities, military service and travel.
  • A transfer student admitted from an accredited institution may expect to receive credit for courses in which you have earned a minimum grade of C.
  • Chatham currently awards credit for satisfactory performance on the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests.
  • Gateway students attending classes on a full-time basis can receive a merit award from Chatham University.
  • PACE Center features individual academic advising, career development and learning center.

Prior Learning Assessment
Prior Learning Assessment is meant to assist Gateway students in identifying areas of college-level experiential learning. As such, degree-seeking Gateway students have an opportunity to be awarded academic credit for post-secondary knowledge gained prior to matriculating at Chatham University. Gateway students wishing to develop a portfolio are enrolled in a course that guides students through each and every step of the portfolio development process. Accordingly, Gateway students can potentially earn a maximum of 30 credits towards their educational goals.