Chatham University

2020-2021 Graduate Assistantships

A limited number of Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships are available to full-time graduate students. These positions provide students with the opportunity to conduct research with a faculty member, assist with teaching responsibilities, or participate in and organize departmental or campus projects. Each position requires 10-15 hours per week of work during the academic year. In addition to providing financial assistance, these positions offer students valuable hands-on experience, expanded learning opportunities, and professional skill development.

Assistantships and Fellowships are awarded in the form of tuition remission and can provide a student with significant cost savings, depending on the number of credits taken per term. (Dollar amounts vary by position. Please contact your Admission counselor for specific details). Newly admitted graduate students for fall 2020 will be given preference in the awarding of these positions.

Chatham also offers a limited number of paid graduate Student Employment positions in various academic and administrative departments across campus. These positions are paid hourly, and individuals may hold both an assistantship and a campus work position, up to 19 hours per week. A listing of available positions for which students can apply is available to all deposited students. Please contact your Admission counselor for futher information.

Positions Available

Falk School of Sustainability

School of Arts, Science & Business

School of Health Sciences - Psychology

Assistantship and Fellowship Requirements:

  • Students must first apply for admission to a specific graduate program.
  • Only students who have been admitted to a graduate program for full-time enrollment will be considered for an assistantship or fellowship position.
  • Assistantships require a commitment of 10 hours per week of work during the academic year, while Fellowships require a 15 hour per week commitment.
  • Positions are initially awarded for one year, and may be renewed for a second year, depending on academic and job performance. The maximum length of an award is two years, regardless of the length of the program in which the student is enrolled.
  • Students who decline a position automatically forfeit the Award.
  • Students must maintain full-time enrollment while holding an award position. If a student ceases to be enrolled full time during a semester, the tuition remission will be removed from the account and the student will be responsible for any resulting balance owed.
  • A student who is awarded an Assistantship position may also hold an additional on-campus employment position, with total work hours not to exceed 19 per week.
  • Students in the Integrated Degree Program (IDP) are not eligible for an Assistantship or Fellowship award.

Key Deadlines & Application Information


  • The priority deadline to submit an assistantship application is February 15, 2020 for the MFA in Creative Writing program and February 1, 2020 for all other graduate programs. Additional applications will be accepted through March 1, 2020 and on a rolling basis for any positions that are still open.
  • Review of assistantship applications will begin in mid-January, and award notifications will be made on a rolling basis until all positions are filled. Most award notifications will be made in February and early March.
  • Award recipients will be given a specific deadline by which they must accept the award. To accept, they must (1) submit a tuition deposit to confirm enrollment in their academic program, and (2) return a signed copy of an employment contract that is received with the award notification.