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The School of Arts, Science & Business (SASB) at Chatham University is home to many undergraduate degrees and several thriving graduate programs. We are known for small, dynamic classes, one-on-one advising by expert faculty, flexibility, and a hands-on, open-door approach, because students come first at SASB. The School is proud to house more than 40 undergraduate majors and 13 graduate degrees.
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The Importance of a STEAM Education

Across the nation, schools are only now beginning to realize what Chatham has always known: infusing education in arts and humanities into science, technology, engineering, arts, and math majors produces graduates who are articulate, creatively nimble, and better poised to succeed in a constantly-evolving world.

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Chatham Abroad

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in international travel with faculty. Students earn college credits during these trips while they focus on a specific topic within an academic discipline. Past and upcoming trips include South Africa, Belgium, Iceland, Taiwan, and Italy.

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School of Arts, Science & Business

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5 Things You Might’ve Missed About the MFA at Chatham

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The program teaches a concrete set of skills, such using computer programming to create a 3D landscape, but the aptitudes that it develops are broad and would be welcomed by any employer: solving problems, thinking logically, working collaboratively.

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Senior to Senior Series: Rylee Napolitan

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Celebrating Our Social Work Students

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Tie-Dye Tycoon: Carlee Shreve, International Business '22

International Business major and first-year Carlee Shreve has more on her plate than the average eighteen-year-old. In addition to schoolwork and Chatham swim meets, Carlee is the owner and artistic mind behind Trippy Tees and More, where she creates a wide array of tie-dyed cotton products to sell at craft fairs across Pennsylvania. Carlee’s hard work caught the attention of Pittsburgh’s largest independent craft fair, Handmade Arcade, a seasonal showcase of unique, hand-made products, which awarded her a 2019 Youth Makers Scholarship.

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Outcomes for Graduates

SASB graduates have held professional roles in organizations from theatre companies to Oracle, and have gone on to further their education in the following programs and schools:

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Award-Winning Filmmaker Chester Lampman, MFA Film & Digital Technology '12

If you think of award-winning filmmakers, Chester Lampman, MFA Film and Digital Technologies ’14, may not be the first to come to mind, but make no mistake—he’s the real deal. His thesis documentary “The Marquee on Main Street” was accepted to six film festivals, and also won a Recognition Award for Short Documentary from the Hollywood International Independent Film Awards in May 2016.