Support & Services

Chatham University is an intellectual community committed to empowering each of its members. Because students are individuals with unique needs and preferences, we offer an array of resources and strategies designed to enrich your educational experiences at Chatham. We work together to discuss and explore a student's interests, skills, struggles, and aspirations in the effort to help each student meet their unique goals.
Redbrick academic buildings frame a green quad on Chatham University's Shadyside campus.

Office of the University Registrar

Chatham's University Registrar’s Office is committed to the integrity and accuracy of institutional academic records, policies, and procedures. Our office governance includes academic transcripts, automated degree audits, degree conferrals, registration, and verifications.

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Advising Resources

The objectives of Chatham’s academic advising program are to help students identify and achieve their academic goals, to promote intellectual discovery, and to encourage them to take advantage of in-class and extracurricular opportunities in order to become engaged, environmentally responsible, globally conscious, life-long learners and decision makers. Current students should visit myChatham for additional advising resources.

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Jennie King Mellon Library

As a Chatham University student, you will have access to a carefully selected physical and electronic collection designed to support Chatham’s varied curricula, the University Archives & Special Collections, as well as a robust interlibrary loan service. The JKM library also houses both group and individual study rooms and an extensive 24/7 space. New undergraduate students are assigned a Personal Librarian who will guide them through their first semester. Librarians are available all hours the library is open to answer questions, help with research projects, and navigate the information landscape.

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Office of Academic & Accessibility Resources

Chatham is committed to supporting you with the academic and accessibility resources that you need to succeed. The Office of Academic & Accessibility Resources (OAAR) offers a wide array of academic and disability support services for the entire Chatham student population.

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Accessibility Resources

Chatham University is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities who are admitted through our admissions process. The University fully supports the Americans with Disabilities Act as Amended (ADA-AA) 2008 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The University’s goal is to make its programs and facilities available to all students.

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Tutoring Services

Tutoring is available for the majority of courses offered at Chatham, and are free to all students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate level courses. Tutoring usually takes place one-on-one, and students set the agenda by bringing specific questions or concerns to each appointment. Depending on tutor availability and demand, students are typically limited to two hours of individual tutoring per week. Chatham students can view the current schedule and make a tutoring appointment by logging into the OAAR Scheduler.

Chatham Tutoring Policy
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Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a specialized form of tutoring that is targeted at traditionally challenging courses, such as biology and chemistry. SI Leaders are students who have done well in the course and are recommended by faculty. The SI schedule changes each semester, based on the semester's course offerings and instructor requests. Chatham students can view the current schedule and register to attend SI sessions by logging into the OAAR Scheduler.

Chatham SI Policy
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Academic Coaching

Academic coaching is an especially useful strategy for students struggling with pervasive issues such as time management, procrastination, mental health barriers, motivation to succeed, and goal-setting. Together, students and an academic coach will identify issues and create a plan to modify the frustrating behaviors.

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Academic Skills

College courses require a higher level of academic skills than your high school classes did. You can make an appointment with us to discuss ways to improve your time management, note-taking, study skills, and more. We also offer several self-paced online workshops, which Chatham students can self-enroll in at anytime by logging into Brightspace and searching for "OAAR Academic Support Tools".

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Foundations of Effective Learning Course

Foundations of Effective Writing (IND101) is a course that introduces students to the essential skills necessary for successful learning in college. It is required for conditionally admitted first-years and transfer students, but any student can choose to enroll in this one-credit course. Participants in this class master and practice skills within the contexts of the academic courses in which they are currently enrolled.