Graduate Events

Chatham graduate programs position our alumni to excel in today's top industries. See how we can do the same for you by visiting campus or attending one of our on-campus or online events tailored to your program of interest and that fit your schedule.

Photo of three Chatham University female students wearing matching purple shirts, preparing to check in people to an event

Open Houses

At a Chatham Graduate School Virtual Open House, you’ll meet faculty, learn more about your program of interest, explore financial aid, and be provided with resources on career or educational topics of interest. 

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Photo of Chatham University students in a computer lab, with a male faculty member speaking with a female student

Academic Visit Days

When you come to one of our academic visit days, you’ll have the opportunity to join us for a class session in your area of interest, dine with current students and faculty, tour the campus, and learn about the admission process. Take advantage of a unique way to dive deeper into specific programs, our three Schools and subjects like Chatham’s unique, problem-based learning approach.

Academic Visit Day Schedule : Checkerboard 4 - Academic Visit Days
Photo of a medical professional surrounded by students in yellow protective suits and medical caps, perform a medical procedure.

Cadaver Lab Visits

Experience Chatham’s cadaver lab to see how Chatham prepares its students for hands-on-training, education, and preparation in the study of anatomy, disease sites, dissection, and surgical techniques. These visits are for students interested in the MA in Biomedical Studies and Master's in Physician Assistant Studies programs only.

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