Integrated Programs for Transfer Students & Students Who Do Not Meet Academic Program Requirements

Students who perform well during their first year at Chatham and students who transfer to Chatham with fewer than 30 credits may be considered for Pathway admission to Chatham Integrated Degree Programs.

Incoming students should contact the Office of Admission or consult their academic advisor as early as possible in their undergraduate studies for guidance in developing an appropriate undergraduate course of study.

Transfer Students

Transfer students with fewer than 30 transfer credits may be considered for Pathway admission on a case by case basis. All academic requirements must be met including minimum high school GPA and minimum college GPA. Select the Integrated Degree Program option on the application and select the program you wish to pursue when you submit your application.

Current Students

Ensure your academic advisor is aware of your Integrated Degree Program interest as early in your academic career as possible. Be familiar with graduate program prerequisites and plan accordingly. In your junior year at Chatham (end of sophomore year for teaching), you will formally apply to the graduate program of your choice and complete the Chatham University Office of Admission's Integrated Degree Program Intention Form for the specific graduate program that interests you. If accepted, you will begin to supplement some of your undergraduate courses with graduate level coursework during your senior year.

Students are required to have completed 108 undergraduate credits, including all general education requirements, undergraduate program requirements and graduate program prerequisites.

Note: The Doctor of Physical Therapy is not eligible for 3+2 integration and requires application during the student’s senior year.

Collaborations With Other Schools

Chatham also offers a number of collaborations with other universities and institutions that allow students to have preferred admission, speed time to graduation with an advanced degree, and save money.

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