Eden Hall Campus

Eden Hall Campus is more than Chatham’s campus outside of the City of Pittsburgh. It’s a beacon of innovation and a warm, friendly place that Falk School graduates describe “coming home to.” A living laboratory and an active community. A few other things, too.

A Gathering Place for Community

Frankie Williams, a Masters of Food Studies student, is the fire master for the Eden Hall bread oven. The bread oven was a thesis project by MAFS alum Shauna Kearns, who wrote a successful grant for this project. "My favorite memories and times in my life," Frankie said, "have been centered around food for as long as I can remember. Food brings people together."  

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Black and white photo of Rachel Carson

Rachel Carson Visiting Scholars Program

The Rachel Carson Visiting Scholars program is a short-term residency at Eden Hall Campus for leading scholars and professionals living the legacy of conservationist, public health advocate, and Chatham alumna, Rachel Carson. Hosted by the Falk School of Sustainability & Environment, the program provides an opportunity for scholars to spend a few weeks living at Eden Hall; engaging with Chatham faculty, students and partners; and sharing their work with local and regional leaders in Pittsburgh. 

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Photo looking down on two feet in red boots next to a blue bowl filled with harvested produce from Eden Hall Campus

Tasty Trips: Pennsylvania’s Culinary Trails with CRAFT at Chatham

The Pennsylvania Tourism Office's annual Happy Traveler travel guide showcases the delicious offerings of Pennsylvania with self-guided culinary trails created through a partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) and Chatham University’s Center for Regional Agriculture, Food, and Transformation (CRAFT).