Joshua Ellsworth, Ph.D.

Joined Chatham:  September 2021


Criminology; Interpersonal violence and victimization; Street crime; Vulnerable populations; Illicit drug use; Homicide and criminal investigations; Qualitative methods

  • Ph.D., Indiana University (Bloomington, IN)
  • Ellsworth, J. T., & Tepperman, A. (2021). "Why stories should matter in historical Criminology." British Crime Historians Symposium (Leeds, UK)
  • Ellsworth, J. T. (2019). "Effects of permanent supportive housing on adult homeless victimization". American Society of Criminology annual conference (San Francisco, CA)
  • Ellsworth, J. T. (2019). "The natural history of street-level criminality: Self-perceptions of vincibility and a persistent offender's motive for desistance." American Society of Criminology (San Francisco, CA), Thematic Session Chair
  • Ellsworth, J. T., Sandys, M., Madeira, J. L., & Pruss, H. (2019). Homicide victim-shaming: Negative victim portrayals in the news media." Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Annual Conference (Baltimore, MD)
  • Ellsworth, J. T. (2018). "Street-crime victimization among the homeless." American Society of Criminology Annual Meeting (Atlanta, GA)
  • Ellsworth, J. T., Sandys, M., Madiera, J. L., Mastrocinque, J. M., & Pruss, H., (2017). "An exploratory inquiry into homicide survivors' talk of murder investigations." American Society of Criminology Annual Conference (Philadelphia, PA)